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Here's a selection of commissions recently completed. If you see a painting that is already sold or isn't the size you prefer, I will be happy to create a similar painting to suit your needs. Please feel free to email me for more details.

Oil on Aluminum
Crystal Lake
Oil on Aluminum
Hospital commission, calming, serene, Ct salt marsh
36" x 144" Diptych
March 01, 2018
large scale diptych for hospital, original art, blues and greens salt marsh landscape
Diptych,Oil on aluminum
36" x 144"
Commissioned agricultural landscape painting of rolling hills in NJ
Oil on Aluminum
28" x 72"
Commissioned painting at Yale New Haven Hospital Medical Center, Stamford, CT
Oil on Aluminum
96" x 54"
Oil painting by Janine Robertson at Yale New Haven Hospital Old Saybrook Medical Center
Oil on Aluminum
30" x 54"
Rising Blue
Oil on Aluminum
36" x 36"
Oil landscape painting on aluminum at  Yale New Haven Hospital by Janine Robertson
Oil on Aluminum
30" x 40"
blue sky and puffy clouds, marsh grasses
Oil on aluminum
40" x 60"
Oil landscape painting of blue sky with clouds at Yale New Haven Hospital
Oil on Aluminum
40" x 60"
Summer Marsh
Oil on Aluminum